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We Love Pets

We are devoted and passionate about anything and everything that has to do with dogs. Ceedar Paws is an idea born and raised in New South Wales, but our perspective is global. Our goal is to create a unified platform where millions of dog lovers can come together and make their dogs’ lives a million times better.

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail
- Kinky Friedman

Our app is designed as a social media platform for dogs, with additional perks:

  • Helping dog owners and their furry friends connect, socialize, share stories, media, and updates
  • Learning about specific breeds to better understand doggy behaviour
  • Finding and exchanging pet accessories and services (groomers, pet shops, vets, dog walkers)

This is great news for everyone involved, including owners, their furry friends, and service providers.

Why Ceedar Paws is helpful to owners:

  • You can do a location-based search to find and set up play dates for your furry friend
  • It allows you to find the closest pet shop, veterinarian, or a pet-friendly café within minutes
  • Have fun learning, sharing tips and tricks, and chatting about your dog

Our platform is also fantastic for your dog:

  • Plan out your days for maximum fun with the best crew in your neighborhood
  • Find out where you can find the best toys and treats
  • Hire the best doggy-sitter at any time so your pet is in the best hands

We also have perks for pet sitters, groomers, and other service providers:

  • Let people know about your business, products, and skills
  • Set up appointments online and get feedback to boost your reputation
  • Meet your clients in advance to ensure you’re a good match

Made in Australia, serving dog lovers worldwide.

Join The Global Community Of Dog Lovers

– meet, date, post and talk about your furry friends in an exciting way

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