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Dogs and Weddings

All dog lovers can relate to the fact that while thinking about their big day they have always thought about where are they going to leave their four-legged friend? Everyone will be at my wedding then whom to trust for my furbaby?
 Well when everyone will be there then why not your furbaby? What? Wait a second. You mean can my dog be at my wedding?
Now that is a questions a lot of people with a dog friend will have in their mind. Well the answer is why not? You just need to take some precautionary steps and certain amendments in your arrangements to include your dog in your wedding.
I know for sure that all dog lovers have always wanted to take their best friend with them to their wedding but they have never really materialized the idea of how that can happen. There are millions of dog lovers out there that have included their dogs in their weddings and still had a successful and even more memorable event.
So now we are going to give you certain ideas of not making your pup left out on your special day.
What Preparations to make:
 First of all make sure that you check with your venue management to see if they allow dogs. I believe that it will be very heart breaking and disappointing for that little furry face, if you take them to your wedding all prepared and excited, and the management doesn’t allow them to enter.
 Secondly announce beforehand that there is going to be a canine guest at the wedding so that all the people with allergies and fears can prepare accordingly.
If your venue does not allow dogs and you are determined to take your pup to your wedding then try to find a venue that allow dogs. Since some places will not allow that, therefore at the end of this article I have also given some ideas of including your dog in your wedding without actually bringing them. So sit back, relax and grab yourself a beverage.
Ways to include your dog:
Dress them up for your big day:
Dress your dog elegantly for your wedding ceremony. You can even go for matching outfits. Get your dog a customized leash that goes well with the occasion. They deserve to look good, after all it’s their best friend’s wedding.
Take Photos Together:
You can take photos together. Make your dog a part of the family photos too.  You can also make a dog shoot album that is similar to the couple shoot albums. Let them steal the show by a few solo pictures too.
Walk down the aisle with them:
You can make an entry to the venue with your dog and then walk down the aisle with them. A customized leash and matching outfits can totally make this entry memorable.
Ring bearer:
You can make your dog the ring bearer. He or she can proudly carry the rings to you. Make sure your dog comes with somebody. You don’t want them to run away with your rings.
Dog of honor:
We belief your best friend deserves to stand next to your maid of honor. They can wear a matching outfit with the maid of honor too.
Special dine in:
You can have a special corner that is set up for your dog to dine elegantly like all the other guests. Make sure they are supervised by someone to avoid any unnecessary mess. You can have a special dog food menu card on their table too.
While you take your dog to your wedding always remember the
Do’s and don’ts:
  • Do try to match the role you assign to your dog with their temperament and personality. A less social pup would enjoy being the Honored Guest and would prefer to sit at a corner watching the ceremony rather than doing something.
  • Do not give real rings to the dog if you make them the ring bearer. You can give them artificial rings to carry for you and keep the original ones with you.
·       During the wedding do have someone on dog duty to avoid any unexpected incidences.
·       Do take your dog to the bathroom once before the ceremony. 
·       Don’t forget your dog’s favorite treats. If things don’t go as planned then treats can help with bribing too.
Other Ways:
Some other creative ways are listed bellow to include your dog in your wedding without taking them to the main event.
  • Include them in your wedding proposal. They can carry a “will you marry me” card. Your dog can also guide your better half to the place where you plan to propose.
  • You can make doggie-style save the date cards for friends and family.
  • Illustrate your dog on invitation cards.
  • Have special dog table number cards or menu cards with your doggie’s picture.
  • You can have giveaway doggie bags instead of goody bags.
  • Add a dog’s cute face somewhere in your mehandi.
  • Include your dog in accessories. You can have napkins with their pictures, dog cufflinks or a doggie face pendent.
  • A dog photo booth with doggie style props can also help you to include your fur ball.
  • You can add your dog in the cake toppers too.
  • You can also display an attractive video that contains pictures or videos of you and your dog having fun together. The guests will be amused with the video and you will also not miss your dog’s presence. It is a very kind and gentle way of honoring them.
So next time when you think of your wedding day, imagine having it with your pup. When your dog is always with you and does everything with you then he or she deserves to be present on your wedding too. Remember to make your special day special for your best friend too.


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