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Lamb & Brown Rice Weekly Plan for All Paws


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Home cooked and handmade , a revolutionary fresh pet food for busy pet parents!

The Weekly Plan consists of 14 Packets of Lamb & Brown Rice

Worry less with our Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe which will surely help your fur babies prevent becoming overweight! Lamb is a great choice since it is a lean meat with lesser fat content than other meat in the market while having a high amino acids and protein content as their energy source. It also support muscle development and encourage optimum skin and coat health in dogs.

Highly recommended for healthy adult dogs, this is a delicious recipe with high protein content.
• Designed by veterinary nutritionist as per AAFCO guidelines- for balanced and complete nutrition for adult maintenance.
• High in natural protein source to promote musculoskeletal growth and cognitive development of your pet.
• Helps build immunity
• Helps maintains a healthy gut health
• Helps maintain a shiny and soft fur

  • Gluten Free
  • No Preservatives
  • No Additives
  • No By-Products
  • No Fillers

Say goodbye to stressful meal times! With our highly palatable and delicious  LAMB & BROWN RICE you will be staring into a licked clean bowl in seconds.

* The ideal meal size will vary depending on the age, weight, and breed of your furry.
* Refer to the Recommended Daily Allowance chart that is sent in the box.
* These recipes are ideal for adult dog maintenance. Contact us for puppy recipes .

* If your dog is allergic to any of the ingredients or has a pre-existing medical condition, please contact us for a customized plan.

* Always transition your dog to a new food gradually. Follow the transition plan that is sent with the box.


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