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The Benefits of Gourmet Food for Dogs​

Gourmet Food for Dogs – Industry Trends and Benefits


There is no doubt that pet owners are putting more and more time, effort, and money into their pets. While some novelties seem excessive, is that also the case with gourmet food for dogs?

Today, we will look at the gourmet dog food industry and the benefits it may bring to your beloved pet.


Gourmet Dog Food Sentiment

As pets are becoming more and more like family members, they are also living longer and better lives. Owners are more willing and able to invest in health care, quality foods, training, and pet housing. Experts say it’s normal and expected to see an increase in spending on our dogs under these circumstances.

With health care and nutrition being the basics for a healthy and lengthy life, gourmet dog foods seem to be the next big trend in pet nutrition.

In addition, these special foods are created in various combinations to prevent allergies, food intolerances, and satisfy our furry friends’ palettes.

As a result, gourmet pet food offerings have become very diverse and inspired concoctions. And with our habits around online shopping and grocery delivery, the dog food producers are following the trend, much to the satisfaction of doggos and owners alike.

Gourmet Pet Food Benefits

While some owners don’t have the time or the skills to prepare perfectly balanced meals for their dogs, others truly believe that having an expert pet nutritionist design their pet’s next meal is essential.

Whatever the reason, we can’t deny that it’s far more convenient to have super customized pet foods delivered to our doorsteps than doing everything from grocery shopping to prepping the food to deciding on the appropriate serving size ourselves.

And the gourmet food brands often promise excellent flavor and all the nutrients of a home-cooked meal without the hassle. In addition, the best producers ensure that the list of ingredients provides optimal health and is in line with veterinary recommendations. This includes all the ingredients that go into premium and super-premium dog foods: lots of protein, some fruit and veggies to satisfy the need for vitamins and minerals, and omega fatty acids to ensure healthy and shiny fur.

These luxury pet foods are also made from human-grade ingredients and are less likely to contain fillers like soy, wheat, and corn. This is good because dogs have evolved from hunters and need more protein than carbohydrates.

What’s more, the owners can choose from a variety of brands and forms of pet food – from kibble to wet, raw, and fresh food. After all, we all know how difficult it is to make the switch from wet or raw food to kibble – our beloved pets can be very picky.

Gourmet Pet Food Industry

One could say that we are in the golden era for specialized pet foods.

The demand for gourmet dog food has increased dramatically and almost closed the gap between human and pet gourmet food.

The key drivers of the trend are the concerns around organic ingredients, low-carb diets aligned with dogs’ needs, and excluding certain components that can cause allergies and intolerances.

The main goal for the owners is to provide supreme nutrition and improve the health of their furbabies. It’s also worth noting that health issues like appetite changes, upset stomach, itching, fur loss, and many more can be caused by food. So, the thought process is that moving away from highly processed lower quality foods to gourmet pet foods will relieve many of these issues.

This is reflected in both food and treats and snacks that are advertised as non-GMO, grain-free, and with exceptional and often exotic ingredients.

Now that we have explored the motivations and key drivers of the industry, let’s dive a little deeper into the markets.

The gourmet pet food market can be segmented based on ingredients (natural vs. organic), forms (dry, wet, snacks, etc.), distribution channels (online, pet stores, veterinaries, supermarkets), and region (Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa).

It’s no surprise that North America is the leader in the gourmet pet food market on a global scale. The stats say that over 60% of households in America have at least one pet. In addition, premium pet foods have gone mainstream in this market, most likely due to the overall living standard.

While the market is mature in the US, it is still growing and evolving with new products, recipes, and packaging technologies. These trends are also increasing across Europe and Japan. The expectance for industry growth is lower in regions such as Asia and Africa. In the developing countries, focus on nutritional value, and easy availability of dry gourmet foods might drive further growth.

In Australia, the popularity of luxury dog meals is also on the rise as the pet industry has surpassed $13 billion when pet ownership spiked.

The predictions for the pet retail industry project an increase of 3,9%, while online sales are expected to rise by about 20%. As dog ownership continues to increase, we can expect this trend to be ongoing in the following years.

As we have mentioned before, the increasing living standards and the improved treatment of family pets are the key drivers of the influx of cash into the pet industry. As a result, the gourmet dog foods that are made to be more appealing in taste, smell, and packaging are also expected to grow in popularity in the next five years and beyond.

What’s more, the large supermarket chains have also noticed the trend and are buying into this highly lucrative market, and creating their own gourmet brands, thus increasing the competition.

Key Players

The number of gourmet pet food brands is steadily increasing, and there are many notable names in the market. Some of the most prominent players include Nestle Purina Pet Care, Bone Appetite Pet Boutique, Orijen, Ziwi, Taste of the Wild, Meruwa, Open Farm, Nom Nom, Spot & Tango, Polar Pups, Lily’s Kitchen, Fromm Family Pet Food, Merrick, Blue Buffalo, and The Honest Kitchen.

Gourmet Dog Food – The Verdict

While gourmet dog food is becoming increasingly popular in some of the largest markets in the world, like North America, Europe, and Australia, adoption seems to be slower in developing countries. In those regions, availability and price will determine how quickly the major brands can penetrate the markets.

When it comes to health benefits, the carefully selected and balanced human-grade ingredients without artificial colors, flavors, and fillers such as soy, corn, and wheat, are most likely to promote your dog’s health. In addition, these foods that are sourced from free-range meat are free from steroids, antibiotics, and hormones might just be the perfect meals for dogs with allergies, food sensitivities, or certain medical conditions.

However, these luxury foods also come with a luxury price tag. So, don’t beat yourself up if this isn’t something you can include in your pet’s daily nutrition. There is no reason your dog can’t live a long, healthy, happy life on home-cooked meals or standard quality dog food.

The main thing is to cherish the time you get to spend with them, as they certainly do, and they keep showing it every day!

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