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Ceedar Paws Pet Meals

Here at Ceedar Paws, we take your pets’ nutrition seriously. We only want the absolute best, and that’s why we only connect you with the best. Our focus is on providing real, natural nutrition for your pets through pet meal options. Just like humans who thrive on real food, so do our pets.

Our pet meals have been specifically chosen for a wide range of benefits that they can provide. These include improved digestion, increased energy and vitality, healthier teeth, gums and coat, and a boosted immune system. Your pets will be thrilled with your decision to feed them Ceedar Paws Pet Meals.

So why give them anything else?

Ceedar Paws Pet Meals

Drools Pet Food India


Ceedar Paws and Drools Pet Food
You shouldn’t be the only one eating healthy!

We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with Drools. Drools have been the top pet food brand in India for 36 years- and if that isn’t a groundbreaking record, we’re not sure what is. Drools pet food range is top quality in pet nutrition. They only use the highest quality, natural ingredients when making their meals. They’re 100% natural, with no artificial ingredients or flavours.

Try it today- you’ll never look back.

Better Digestion

Like humans, your pets have sensitive digestion that needs proper care and attention. With Ceedar Pet Meals, each meal has been carefully designed and crafted to be balanced and is made with top-quality ingredients. This means less upset bowels and better toilet time.

Energy and Vitality

By harnessing the power of a whole-food, nutritionally balanced and speciesv appropriate diet, you’re giving your pet the best kind of lifestyle. A lifestyle where they’ll be appropriately
fuelled for each and every day. You’ll quickly see a difference in energy and vitality with Ceedar Pet Meals.

Improved Behaviour

Did you know that what your fur baby eats has a significant impact on how your fur baby acts? So by feeding your pets high quality, balanced meals, you’ll leave them feeling happier and with much more balanced hormones and energy. And all of this leads to better-behaved pets all around!

Dental Hygiene

With a diet rich in natural raw food and meaty bones, your pets dental hygiene is bound to improve. With less plaque and bacteria from a natural diet, your pets will have healthier teeth for longer.

Shiny coat, healthier skin

What your pet eats and how it feels comes out visibly in how your pet looks. A Ceedar Pet Meals natural food diet can help to improve skin, create a shinier coat and even lead to less scratching. This raw food formula has been shown to help make your fur babies less prone to fleas as well.

Boosted Immunity

By having a high quality, nutritionally balanced diet, your pet can get all the nutrients they require to help build up their immune system.

Drools Pet Food India

Your easy switch solution

Just like humans, when pets experience big, rapid changes to their food, their stomachs can get a little upset. And while we know that your pet will absolutely love Drools (their 36 years as the best pet food brand in India proves this), we do recommend that you use this slow, 7 day transition plan. This is to ensure that your pet doesn’t experience any upset stomachs, as they grow to love Drools as their food.

Mission for Ceedar Paws meals

Be Your Dog's #1 Choice - The BEST wet dog food brand ever

Ceedar Paws meals will improve the longevity and quality of life for your pets— through the highest quality of dog food available — help dogs live their best life. ​

Preservatives Free
100% Natural
Freshly Cooked

Why Ceedar paws pet food

The Perfect Diet For Your Pets

Only the GOOD stuff! 100% complete natural home mage dog food. We are committed to providing food that enhances dogs' health and makes them happy. Also, make them love you more. We also have a platform to help you connect with thousands of dog lovers across the globe named Ceedar Paws app.

Our range

We focus on providing real nutrition, fresh and mouth-watering meals for your pets regardless of whether puppy or adult, healthy or sick dogs with a wide range of choices

Chicken & Apple

Chicken & Rice

PuppySpecial Chicken & Spinach

Chicken & Pasta

Cottage Cheese & Peas

Lamb & Brown Rice

Why order subscription-based wet food

Better for Them, Easier for You Subscription service is a SUPER easy way for you to get the best quality food for your pets. It has become very popular over the past few years and especially during the pandemic. Benefits you can see: Save your time: This means you can spend more time walking, playing, and cuddling with your dogs. Save your money: In the long term, the price per packet or box is lower than buying at a store.

Rethink Dog Food

Fact: 95% of recipes on the internet to be lacking in essential nutrients for dogs You can give your dog the best possible life now by caring about what they eat. Making your own dog food at home is a good start, but it's never enough. But it’s okay now, Ceedar Paws meals will help you!
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